I'm Tori Dee and I am a UK based illustrator, designer and writer.

I hold a BA (hons) in Design: Illustration and am currently a full time freelancer.

I create in both traditional and digital media. I love the organic process of working with inks, watercolour and pencils on paper but I also enjoy the speed and efficiency of creating work digitally (also that fabulous button called "undo").


When working digitally I use organic media based brushes and textures to maintain a traditional feel to my work. A cohesive crossover between digital and physical mediums is important to me, and I often use a mixture of both methods when creating my finished pieces.


Pen and line work is something I enjoy as much as full colour pieces and I am open for commissions for both black and white and full colour work.


My work has been featured in Editorial columns for both newspaper and magazines, book publishing and in local art exhibitions. 

I live with my husband Chris in the beautiful county of Devon. With its green rolling hills, woodlands, moors and wild landscapes of all kinds, it is a constant source of inspiration and wonder. When not creating I can often be found staring intently into my garden pond, watching the various creatures that live in it or talking to my guinea pigs.

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For enquiries about commissions, questions or just to say hello please drop me an email at: